Traveling Safe

65 Measures to travel Safe.

In accordance with the current rules and exceptional measures in force at COVID19, and subject to further restrictions that may be introduced in the future at the request of the competent authorities, we wish to inform you of the measures that we have already taken since the GRAN HOTEL PEÑISCOLA**{ to reinforce the hygiene and safety of our clients, employees and facilities, so that they can enjoy from this summer a pleasant stay in coexistence with the other guests and under the new conditioning norms of our social relations.


  • A General Contingency Plan has been established for the entire facility, with its corresponding protocols for action by area, and its corresponding records that will be made available to the relevant authorities. Each action required is documented.
  • All our personnel have been properly trained prior to their reintegration into these new protocols as well as the preventive measures put in place to stop and minimize any possible impact of Covid-19.
  • Our Personnel has the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) at any time.
  • We carry out a daily health check of our workers. In addition to the corresponding medical tests that need to be carried out, we have the responsible statement, continuously updated, of each worker not having been in contact in the last 15 days with any person who has tested positive at some point in the test.
  • We reduce the overall seating capacity of our common areas, including lifts to respect safety distances.
  • In order to avoid possible cross-contamination between the personal belongings of the clients who usually use this service, we temporarily discontinue the luggage storage service.
  • To avoid the problem of the lack of space, now more necessary than ever in the contours of the glasses of our swimming pools and thus favor the mobility with security of our clients, we have chosen not to offer the service of hammocks/sun loungers around the pool. In substitution, we extend the terrace service of our pool-bar, with additional tables and chairs in the remaining areas adjacent to the outdoor pool.
  • Our clients will enjoy a special price agreed with the concessionaire in the rental of sun loungers and sunshades on the beach, which will be conveniently separated respecting the safety areas.
  • We have made available to our clients a wide range of informative signs, especially in possible risk areas, with both preventive advice and mandatory internal hygiene standards.
  • The main accesses to our daily services, have equipped disinfectant dispensers for use and safety within our facilities. In some cases, some of these entrance entrances also have self-hygienic footwear rugs.


  • We have a pre-checkin service for our clients that saves you numerous inconveniences and unnecessary waiting times when arriving at the establishment and registering. All your information and documentation previously sent comfortably from home.
  • On arrival, the client has disinfectant at the entrance of the hotel, which must be applied to the hands before going to the counter. Only then can you prevent an unwanted exchange of pathogens.
  • Transparent security screens have been installed at the customer service points of our reception and customer service. A safe way to be cared for without losing sight of our complicity and kindness to the guest.
  • In order not to lose orientation and maintain the necessary safety distance between customers, our floor is signposted to remind you where to wait at any time.
  • After a timely quarantine, we disinfect all the material that is delivered to the customer (registration cards, key cards, etc.)
  • We provide identification bracelets to our clients to identify their contracted diet and thus avoid the use of other paper or cardboard identifiers during the stay.
  • All information concerning the establishment, its services and the complementary offer of the environment are presented in audiovisual or digital format. We have suppressed paper as a means of information.
  • An extra cleaning and disinfection of our counters, will make you feel safe before any management or consultation you want to make us.
  • Please note that apart from our landline phone numbers and contact emails, we have a Whatsapp number enabled to contact us and ask us for any questions at any time, before or during your stay.



  • The cleaning of the rooms is carried out according to the preventive measures Covid-19 established by the Ministry of Health, according to the protocols published by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.
  • We do not clean the room while the client is inside it. We respect this way, not only your security but your privacy.
  • The number of rooms allocated to each waitress is reduced for a better execution of the daily cleaning and disinfection of the stay, especially when they are departure rooms. Only in this way do we ensure that we are efficient in these delicate moments.
  • Our floor waitresses are disinfected hands and work gloves with disinfectant gel, prior to each room cleaning.
  • Similarly, when cleaning the room is finished, they discard the used pair of gloves directly to avoid cross-contamination.
  • We don’t do our dry cleaning. All washcloths, rags or mops are properly impregnated or moistened in virucidal products adapted for a correct disinfection of the furniture and fixtures of the room.
  • The spare textiles in the room have been removed for safety. You can ask our staff for extra pillows or blankets if you wish, which will be delivered clean and properly hygienized and sealed.
  • Our laundry certifies the treatment to which our room lingerie is subjected. Everything is washed at more than 60º and with approved virucidal disinfectant products. In the same way it is guaranteed the delivery of the laundry to the hotel under safe conditions that avoid a possible cross contamination.
  • Our minibar, for hygiene will remain empty. Instead, it has vending machines on each floor. Remember to clean the buttons after each use with the material that we have available to you.
  • For hygiene and safety the glasses you find



  • We strengthen the hygiene and disinfection of common spaces intended for the consumption of food and drinks by cleaning personnel, by the use of virucides adapted to the approved contingency.
  • Within our hygiene and food safety protocols, we strengthen our analysis of the environment and common use surfaces by certified external company. We will perform random analyses to rule out the presence of Covid19.
  • We have reduced the seating capacity and the number of tables in our Buffet Restaurant to improve the personal safety of diners, guarantee the minimum distance required by regulations and thus allow a more fluid mobility for all.
  • We have enabled a continuous schedule of service in Restaurant from 12h30 to 17h00 and 19h00 to 23h30 to compensate the reduction of the simultaneous capacity of our room. It has ample time to go when best suits you, avoiding rush hours. remember that we will not allow queues this year.
  • Elements such as bread are served directly to customers at the table. Thus, we make sure that no one has touched it previously.
  • We’ve removed the sauce and dressing dispensers. We offer a single dose of oil, vinegar, salt and pepper, which will be supplied, on request, directly on the table.
  • The buffets have been equipped with glass and methacrylate protective screens. You can see the food but without access to it by self-service mode.
  • Therefore we have implemented the assisted buffet service, replacing the self-service, avoiding the handling of food by our customers.
  • The crockery is not previously accessible, and therefore manipulable, by the customers. This guarantees the chain of disinfection and hygiene since the material was washed and hygienized.
  • We extend the range of dishes presented in individual format, to ensure better general hygiene.
  • Our fruit and vegetables are thoroughly cleaned prior to use or presentation in a certified vegetable washing machine. This guarantees that they are free from any bacterial and viral germ from handling to consumption by our customers.
  • The fruit may be presented in certain cases already portioned individually and protected with aseptic film.
  • All kitchen and living room staff work with gloves and masks, whether or not they face the customer.
  • In areas where there may be a delay, we have indicated the minimum separations to be observed by means of marks on the ground, in order to respect safety distances.
  • We have reduced the number of tables in our bars to improve the personal safety of diners, and guarantee the minimum distance required by regulations. but we have in turn increased the outdoor space available for the greatest enjoyment of all.
  • In the restaurant and bars we encourage the use of virtual cards through their mobile devices. This avoids a possible transmission element and therefore eliminates an unnecessary risk.
  • We clean tables and chairs before use by a new customer.
  • In our bars, we encourage the use of single-use (disposable) tableware and tableware, especially on outdoor terraces. Only inside the closed rooms we authorize the use of glass dishes.
  • We carry out an exhaustive control, by means of continuous intakes of temperature, of the correct functioning of our dishwasher and dishwasher and the temperature of trains of dishwashing, glassware and cutlery to guarantee (>80º)
  • For safety, all our cutlery is reviewed with an ultraviolet light system that finishes disinfecting any remaining viral or bacterial contamination that may remain attached.



  • We have abolished the use of closed rooms for children’s entertainment activities, so when it is necessary to use some space for activities "indoor/ indoor" we will do so in larger spaces, such as the Tropical Bar Room
  • In order to protect the youngest children, in addition to the hotel’s general hygiene protocols, we also apply all the existing protocols for school facilities.
  • The use of children’s playgrounds is not yet authorised until the competent authorities allow their use.
  • All gaming machines (foosball, ping pong, video games, etc.) are still in restricted use. When its use is allowed, we will carry out its regular disinfection, and the user will be required to use the disinfectant gel at his disposal.
  • Games and Toys are sanitized after each use. All users are urged to apply hygienic gel before use.
  • We have specific spaces for small family groups. You can check your location with the staff of our bars.
  • In all our activities, priority is given to the safety of the participant, so passive activities are carried out, where interpersonal safety distances are respected, and participation capacity is limited depending on the space available.
  • Our evening activities are scheduled this year to be enjoyed watching and/or listening. Exceptional circumstances do not allow for direct and pro-active public participation.



  • Our gym, free of charge, will remain temporarily closed because it cannot guarantee the complete disinfection of all the machinery after its use by each customer.
  • We are obliged to ignore requests for body treatments involving the use of apparatus or products that are not of oily base.
  • As for massages we can only provide relaxing services, which do not involve a major physical effort, and therefore a correct breathing to our staff through the masks they carry.
  • The user must also carry a mask during the massage. Our staff will apply a cleansing gel on the surface to be massaged before the specific oil. It is recommended to come showered before massage:
  • A reduction by law of the general capacity. Each shift may not exceed 24 users in each shift.

  • Shifts have been limited to 45 minutes to allow additional disinfection of certain areas of the room between shifts.

  • Management reserves the option of extending the hours of use in case of high demand and the current shifts are insufficient.

  • The following services of the circuit are sealed: Services of Hammocks in the Solarium, Igloo-Frigidarium, Zone of Hot Beds and Pediluvio.

  • In the Jacuzzis, sauna and Turkish bath, people from different families or rooms may not be present at the same time. Chromatic showers may not be shared.

  • Changing rooms and lockers must remain closed. They can only be used in exceptional cases. The client comes changed directly from his room.



  • All personnel have the necessary personal safety and security equipment.
  • We carry out the repairs in the rooms, as far as possible, without the client’s presence. If this is not possible, we keep the safety distance of 1.5m at all times.
  • We disinfect with spray disinfectant all areas where there has been an intervention.
  • In the common areas we have delimited a work perimeter that prevents the access of customers while our staff acts on the incidence.
  • We constantly renew the air in the common areas, at a temperature of 23º-26º, and sanitize the filters daily by misting.


All these measures are just a token of our commitment to our clientele, so that, even with the atypical of the situation, you can finish enjoying a safe, pleasant and smooth experience.

Version v1.13052020

Legal Clarification : this document has been prepared in response to what was published in the RESOLUTION of 11 May 2020 of the Director General of Tourism, on the opening of tourist establishments and the provision of tourist services in the Valencian Community following the publication of Order SND/399/2020 of 9 May for the relaxation of certain restrictions at national level, established following the declaration of the state of alert in implementation of phase 1 of the Plan for the Transition to a New Normal. [2020/3429], published in the DOGV dated 15.05.2020:.

The fourth point specifies: "In order to avoid potential conflicts with customers, those who resume their activity according to the different phases of the plan shall inform their clients of the activities and services

65 medidas para hacer frente al Covid19 en el Gran Hotel Peñiscola
Gran Hotel Peñiscola, ESPACIO SEGURO.
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E.g., 18/06/2021