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What does the displayed price of a reservation include:

  • Food regimes associated with the reserves:
    • The Full Board (PC) regime consists of: accommodation night + breakfast + lunch + dinner (the 3 services in buffet mode)
    • The Half Board (HB) regime consists of: night’s accommodation + breakfast, + lunch or dinner (the 2 services in buffet mode).
    • The Bed and Breakfast (BB or BB) regime consists of: night’s accommodation + buffet breakfast
    • The Accommodation Only (SA) regime consists of only accommodation
    • Whatever the selected diet, drinks are not included in meals, with the exception of the drinks stipulated for breakfasts.
  • The price shown on our website always includes: taxes, local rates and VAT, in the selected regime.
  • The indicated / displayed price already includes all kinds of offers, discounts and supplements that may occasionally or occasionally be applied to your reservation.
  • The price does not include: any unspecified service as well as extras such as telephone calls, laundry services, minibar, parking, sea view, cribs, etc … Nor does it include the observations that the client can write down in the “observations” field, since these, in case the hotel could satisfy them, could suppose an extra cost to pay directly in the hotel.

*** Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 (Covid19) ***** Reconfirm HERE the services offered at all times by the establishment. Some of them may be affected by a restriction derived from the application of special prevention measures implemented.

General conditions of reservations:

  • The reservation will be considered reconfirmed and guaranteed after confirming the validity of the card provided as a guarantee or after directly making a pre-payment in the online reservation process. After the banking operation through a secure payment gateway, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to print the reservation that you must deliver when entering the hotel.
  • Any amount pending payment agreed upon, for modification of the reservation a posteriori, or for the inclusion of any extra service indicated in the observation of the reservation, will be paid upon arrival at the hotel at the time of check-in.
  • The deadline to check out the rooms is at 12:00 noon. If you wish to extend it until 6:00 p.m., please check rates and availability with the Hotel reception. The time of entry to our rooms is guaranteed from 4:00 p.m., but if the room is available in advance, we will have no problem for you to start enjoying it earlier, and we will gladly give you the key-access.
  • Since 2018 pets are no longer allowed as companions.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the entire establishment (interior). Regarding the possibility of smoking in outdoor spaces, these are regulated by the institutional regulations in force at all times.
  • In case of doubts, contact our reservations department on the TEL number. +34 964 46 90 06 or by mail:

Pre-registration & Express Check-In – An agile alternative to COVID19

In order to improve the passive safety of our staff, as well as unnecessary queues or contacts between our clients on the day of their arrival, we have proposed to reduce the waiting times in the CHECK-IN processes to the minimum necessary with your help. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you use the pre-registration form before arriving at the hotel, using the link indicated below, which you must complete at least 24 hours in advance (an essential requirement). This information will allow us to process the timely information in advance to complete the traveler registration parts, thus saving time for everyone.

Similarly, pre-registration will allow you to preferentially access our Check-In Express counter.

To access the form, use the following link:

Particular Conditions for Direct Reservations with the Hotel (which can be formalized by phone or on the hotel’s official website):

* Option 1: Flexible reservation, without prior prepayment. No Cancellation Fees 72 hours in advance. It must be paid in full (100%) before 3 days of arrival. The Hotel will send you various notices on the previous days so that you can formalize this obligation within the deadlines through the bank gateway. If the reservation is not paid in due time and form and in its entirety, the hotel may proceed without further notice, to the automatic cancellation of the reservation, the reservationist losing any right over it. In the event of having to cancel the reservation between 72 hours and 24 hours prior to arrival, the hotel will proceed to consider only 50% of the total reservation as cancellation expenses, agreeing with the client the form of refund of the remaining amount for the difference. Cancellations with less than 24 hours will not be entitled to any refund from the hotel.

* Option 2: 25% prepaid reservation, made at least 14 days before arrival. No Cancellation Fees 72 hours in advance. The remaining amount (75%) may be paid until the day of arrival, during Check-In, being an essential requirement for full payment to access the room. Any cancellation that occurs within a period of less than 72 hours upon arrival, will only entail cancellation fees equivalent to 25% paid at the time of booking. In the case of cancellation with a greater margin than indicated, the hotel will make the total refund of the delivery on account made.

* Option 3: Full prepaid reservation, made at least 14 days before arrival. No Cancellation Fees 72 hours in advance. Any cancellation that occurs within a period of less than 72 hours upon arrival, will only entail cancellation costs equivalent to 25% of the reservation and the hotel will proceed to refund the remaining amount for the difference. In the case of cancellation with greater margin than indicated, the hotel will make the full and total refund of the delivery on account made (100% of the reservation). As an additional special advantage, the guest will be able to enjoy a special credit equivalent to 1% of the total reservation (applicable to accommodation and pension), the amount of which will be deducted at the end of the stay from the extras account made at the establishment throughout your stay in our Restaurant, Bars, Parking or Wellness SPA.

To consider:

  • We inform you that, depending on the bank with which you operate, the debts of the deliveries on account (prepayments) of your reservation made through the bank payment gateways may be identified as coming from Gran Hotel Peñíscola (commercial name ) or Holiday Magic Hotel, SA (our company name).
  • Since all our reservations entail some type of cancellation costs between 72h and the same arrival date, or for early departure once the stay has already started, we recommend hiring cancellation insurance (per room), which can cover any eventuality or setback that causes a last minute cancellation of your reservation (as long as the reason for the cancellation is also included in the covered clauses of your insurance).

How To Modify any Reservation:

  • Any request related to any modification of your reservation made directly with the hotel, must always be requested in writing via email to: In case of extra inquiries, you can contact us at 964 46 90 06. Once the change has been accepted by the hotel, you will receive an email with the confirmation of said changes. Changes in reservations made through a collaborating intermediary must be managed through it.
  • Remember that any modification of your reservation may lead to a price change. In the case of being higher, the resulting installment will be adjusted to the% applied on the new global amount of the reservation.

Early Departures:

  • When an unforeseen departure occurs before the end of the contracted stay, the Hotel will additionally invoice at least the two subsequent nights in the contracted regime (as a penalty and cancellation costs), being able to proceed to the refund of the remaining nights not enjoyed, as long as there is an accreditation by the client as force majeure exclusively due to medical reasons (Covid condition, hospital admission or death of a direct relative of the 2nd degree of kinship). For the remaining cases, the hotel will not authorize any payment, so the agency would not make any payment in your case. It is expressly recommended that the client be provided at all times, if he deems it appropriate, with some type of cancellation insurance that could cover an eventuality of this type.
  • When a reservation involves the contracting of medical or cancellation insurance, the right and responsibility to make any claim to the insurance company for cancellation of your reservation with expenses is exclusive to the client. The hotel remains a mere intermediary between the insurance and the user for communication purposes when required to do so.
  • The possible compensation that the insurance company could satisfy on canceled reservations that have an insurance attached, will always be in relation to the amount paid for the reservation and the number of nights that have already been enjoyed. Reservations with only 25% paid will not have the same consideration for compensation purposes as reservations with 100% of the amount paid.
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