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Water circuit

Hosted customers (Reservation required > 24h)

Adults rate (single ticket)

Session limited to 45 min. 15 minutes are stipulated for cleaning and disinfection of the changing rooms.

Access KIT (Cap + Slippers) and towel service included at the price indicated above.

Children's SPA (daily from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.) (Reservation required > 24h)

Children's Rate (single ticket)

(Exclusive use of swimming pool and jacuzzis)

Children must enter accompanied by 1 tutor equipped with the corresponding Access Kit (either because it’s been booked the Adult Rate, or because the Kit has been acquired independently).

Access KIT (Cap + Slippers) and towel service included for the child at the price indicated above.

Non-hosted guests (Reservation required > 72h)

SPA circuit single ticket

45 minutes session

SPA circuit single ticket 2x1 (couples)

45 minutes session

SPA circuit 2 sessions pass

45 minutes sessions

SPA circuit 3 sessions pass

45 minutes sessions

SPA circuit 5 sessions pass

45 minutes sessions

Access KIT (Cap + Slippers) included in the prices indicated above.


KIT (Cap + Slippers)

For replacement or other uses


For replacement or other uses

Approved slippers

For replacement or other uses

Prices and services valid from.

Important notice: Use SPA children under 12 years old: For security reasons, children under 12 years old are not allowed in the SPA area. However, the hotel has a special daily schedule, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., for children to be able to use the SPA, in which children over 4 years old and up to 11 years old, even accompanied by an adult, can access exclusively. For safety reasons, during this schedule the use of high and low temperature equipment will be restricted. The client is urged to consult in advance the Rules of Access to the facilities, as well as the schedules enabled for this purpose.

We also ask you to take note of the services of the water circuit “suspended” due to COVID19

Natural Therapies



30 minutes
Relaxing Feet Massage minutes
Prices and services valid from 1st May 2021.
Gran Wellness Spa

On this section you will be able to find out all details about our products, services and installations. Therefor, our Center is not an entertainment area, but a space to relax, for your health and your beauty.

Find here all information about our Humid Area (SPA Circuit), Therapies and Specific Treatments, so as all complete wellness programs for several days.

For higienic and safety reasons, the Welnnes Spa Center is only allowed for adults more than 12 years aged. Check with Reception desk other Spa Kids alternatives (in some seasons).

Please, read always the Terms and Conditions of this Area before make use of the services. This will be the only way to enjoy quiet and safe the Wellness Spa Area.

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