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We are aware that our customers not only choose our establishment by the destination or its location, but also by all the complementary entertainment and fun activities that we can offer. Above all, we want our guests to feel at home, and to be able, during their stay to use each of our leisure and relaxation facilities.


Thus, for those over 12 years of age, our Wellness SPA Center becomes the main attraction of the hotel (see the HEALTH and BEAUTY section). But the little ones from 3 years old can also enjoy their special KIDS SPA session daily from 10h00 to 11h00. Check conditions in the HEALTH and BEAUTY section.

Recreational activities

During the day, and depending on the dates, you will always find one or more of our entertainers organizing and carrying out activities for all audiences, either in the morning or in the afternoon, whether indoor, pool (depending on the weather), beach or excursions by tourist train or walks.


Another fundamental part is the nightly entertainment, in which every night, and throughout the season, you can enjoy an extensive menu of drinks and cocktails in our Cafeteria, enjoying good live music (and dance, if sanitary measures allow it) with our animation team or by the hand of our professional collaborators.

Summer time

During high season, we expand our night offer with the presentation of shows and professional shows on our outdoor stage, next to the terrace of our Tropical Bar-Club. On weekends and summers, we delay the closing time of our Tropical Bar for the most late nighters.

The little ones

For the little ones we wanted to focus their entertainment through our Funny-Club, with pampered and careful facilities specially adapted and set for the total enjoyment of them. Its operation is closely linked to the school holiday period, so, in low season, it only works on weekends, from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, and in summer from June 15 to September 15.

Likewise, the most idle can also enjoy the whole season of our corners with merry-going-rounds and recreational machines, as well as the mini outdoor playground.

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In 2023, Holiday Magic Hotel, S.A. received a grant from Turisme Comunitat Valenciana to carry out actions related to boosting tourism competitiveness.