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What is it?

The Funny-Club is the concept of children’s entertainment based on learning through fun implemented in the Gran Hotel Peñíscola **** since May 2007. It is in operation from the beginning of the school holidays in June to mid-September, as well as every weekend and public holiday of the main bridges of the year. It comes to complete the already existing general program of leisure and entertainment (May-October). addressed in a generic way to all customers staying at the hotel.

What is it not?

The Funny-Club is not, nor is it intended to be, a nursery service or summer school/campus. Therefore, it is important to indicate to all parents that children are cared for exclusively for the development of educational and co-participatory activities, not for our staff to act as baby-sitters.


The Funny-Club already enjoys well-kept and pampered interior facilities in our hotel and specially adapted for the realization of a large number of socio-educational activities. This does not mean that, and depending on the weather and temperature, many of the activities programmed outside the hotel can be developed, taking advantage of the recreational facilities already existing in the environment: swimming pools, playground, or even on the beach itself in front of the hotel.

Who is it for?

The Funny-Club is specially designed mainly for children from 4 years old to 12 years old.

However, children between 1 and 3 years old, IF they could access our facilities *, depending on the capacity, and participate in the activities, but they must (in principle) always be accompanied by an adult, since their personal autonomy and hygiene will not always be enough to be left alone participating with the whole, and under the tutelage of our staff.

* Consult possible restrictions in this exceptionality due to the application of Covid regulations in force in the Valencian Community)

For the activities in high season these have been focused on three sets of ages: from 4 to 6 years, from 6 to 8 years and from 8 to 12 years.

During the high season, those over 08 years old can also choose between joining the activities of the Funny-Club or participating in the Maxi entertainment activities (08-12 years approx.) programmed by our A-Team.

Outside the High Season (summer and bridges), the activities will be without specific differentiation of ages, but will be distributed according to the capacity and needs of each activity to be carried out.

What will children do?

Through the planned activities and workshops, children will learn (or reinforce their knowledge) and, above all, have fun. Some of the socio-educational areas that we cover with the activities are:

  • For children between 04 and 06 years old: knowledge and control over their own body and personal autonomy; coexistence with others and discovery of the environment; development of language and communication skills.
  • For children between 06 and 08 years old: knowledge of the environment, the natural, social and cultural environment; art education; physical education; languages and forms of communication; mathematics, education for citizenship and values.
  • For children between 08 and 12 years old: knowledge of the environment, the natural, social and cultural environment; art education; physical education; language and literature; foreign language [English]; mathematics; education for citizenship and values.

Qualified personnel

At the head of our Funny-Club we have a team of animators and early childhood educators with extensive and reviled experience. To guarantee the correct functioning and tranquility of all, the team is at all times supported and advised externally by a team formed by qualified social workers and pedagogues in early childhood and primary education, with whom the hotel maintains a close collaborative link for many years.

Participation requirements

The service offered by the Funny-Club is totally FREE for hotel guests. For participation in it, no prerequisites beyond the minimum age are required a priori, which guarantees an autonomous participation of the child in the activities. Only the bad behavior of the child will cause him to be excluded from the participation of the activities with the rest of his peers.

We ask parents that, for the sake of a correct development of the service, they respect the schedules of the activities when going with their children, and especially the schedules related to the collection of children. Please be punctual.


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