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Information to parents and guardians

The presence and participation of children in the Funny-Club is completely free and voluntary for our young clients, and therefore, to ensure a correct development of the activities with all children, our staff will not take care of those children whose permanence is contrary to their will (even if these were forced by their parents / guardians). The Funny-Club is not a babysitting service.

For participation in the activities of the Funny-Club, we ask parents or guardians on a mandatory basis for the data contained in the participation form, in which the basic data of the child and contact for emergency cases are collected.

For safety and space, access to the interior of the facilities of the cars / baby strollers is not allowed. They can leave these carts in the landing at the entrance of the facilities.

The Staff of the Funny-Club will not be responsible for the change of diapers of minors during their stay / participation in the activities of the Funny-Club. In case of detecting the need for change in any of the children, it will immediately communicate it to the parents / guardians.

For the safety and comfort of children, access to the interior facilities of the Funny-Club in a swimsuit or with wet / wet clothes is not allowed. No one likes to sit on wet afterwards.

We ask parents to be punctual when it comes to taking (or picking up) children to the activities of the Funny-Club. To ensure the normal development of the programmed activities, the fostering/collection of any child beyond the interval between activities will not be accepted.

To better capture the attention of children from the outset, we ask that the presence of parents in the facilities be limited to the interval prior to the start of the activities, with the exception of those that, due to their co-participatory nature with the parents, require their presence continuously until the end of it.

We ask parents or guardians not to disturb or interfere once an activity has begun on the premises. This will be your contribution to avoid deconcentratives or distractions of all those who participate in it. At the end of it our staff will be happy to hear your comments and suggestions.

It is not allowed to make free use of any Funny-Club material that is not explicitly delivered by our staff for the development of any scheduled activity.

Nor may any material be removed from the premises at the child’s own expense or that of his/her parents/guardians. This material is for exclusive use during the activities.

As the promotion of equality among children is one of the main objectives of the Funny-Club, we are forced to tacitly prohibit the use of our own toys or eat trinkets and / or snacks brought by the children themselves or their parents during the activities. If a parent wishes to feed or snack on their child, they will need to pick up the child and do so outside the premises.

At the end of the stay, children will have the right to take with them all those personal manual works carried out in the course of the activities. The collective works will remain at the disposal of the hotel, who may make use of them to promote future activities with other customers or to decorate their facilities. FOR CHILDREN and YOUNG PEOPLE On the other hand, parents and / or guardians are obliged to assume and conveniently inform their children of:

They cannot leave the facilities without the knowledge of the Funny-Club staff and the prior and express consent of the parents themselves at the indicated/agreed time. If any child wishes to leave the premises/activities early, our staff will try to locate/notify parents as soon as possible to proceed to pick up their child. Otherwise, they will have to wait until the agreed time.

For the safety of the child himself, as well as for that of the rest who may be around him, and in order to avoid situations of risk:

  • Do not run in the indoor facilities of the Funny-Club (inside the hotel).
  • Do not walk barefoot outside the rooms specifically adapted with carpet.
  • In the use of the material they must follow to the letter the indications of use provided by our staff.

They must try to take care of and pamper all the material they are going to use during the activities as if it were their own. Everyone likes to be able to use, in good condition, the material on future occasions.

They must cooperate with our staff in the collection of the didactic material used once each activity is finished. This will help them to do so also at home and at school.

Your bad behavior (such as obstruction /boycott of the performance of activities, violence or confrontation with any other participant, ignoring the instructions of our staff, etc.) will mean your automatic and immediate exclusion from all remaining activities of the day. It is subject to a subsequent interview between our staff and parents the acceptance of participation of the child in successive days. Compliance with and respect for these Internal Rules will contribute to the success of this service. We invite you to be accomplices and co-participants with your children in this success.

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