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Our bars

In our establishment you will find 2 main points of meeting and recreation:

Our Cafetería Royal, located on floor 0, which also has a large summer terrace, perfect for a good coffee or aperitif.

The room is equipped with 2 Flat Televisions + 1 Video Projector to enjoy the great events and events of general interest that may take place during your stay.

It also has a table area equipped for card games and two pool tables.

Already on the -1 floor, you will find our Tropical Bar-Club, which in summer becomes a Pool Bar, where you can enjoy a different style, more informal during the day, with its terrace-porch in the shade, and ideal at night, to enjoy the shows of the outdoor stage in summer or to enjoy the indoor dance floor (disco area) on weekends.

It also has a small corner with children’s games.

We leave at your disposal our Bar’s drinks menu.

Philosophy of our restoration

The restoration has become in the holiday establishments in an aspect as important already as the accommodation itself, or the animation and entertainment that is provided in it.

Our goal goes beyond simple food (a basic need), so we do not miss the opportunity for our guests to discover either new products or new recipes, using, depending on the season, the widest possible selection of seasonal products or the so-called typical or local of our region.

In advance we already open up with you: Do not expect great “delicacies” or foods cataloged in these times as luxury. To do this, we recommend the varied offer of restaurants in our neighboring towns, where you can taste, in the form of individual dishes or special tasting menus, and the corresponding PVP, great culinary delights and signature dishes.

In our house we want you to eat above all in a varied and healthy way, enjoying the flavor of the preparation of our dishes (both for the product used itself, and for the recipe of its elaboration), with a good presentation, in a relaxed atmosphere, in the amount you want (being a free buffet), and with the kindness of the service of our staff.

And especially with the hope that after each service you will leave with the feeling of having eaten what is said “good and good”; or put another way, satisfactorily.


On the so-called high season dates, we will put at full capacity our Show-Cooking section, as well as the Funny-Buffet, the special corner for the little ones with its buffet line and special menu and independent of the general buffet.


As a general rule, we prepare our dishes Low in Salt, so, according to tastes, it can sometimes be “bland”. That is why you will always find a salt shaker at your disposal. In this specific case, we prefer to sin by default than by excess.

We also try to always have some variety of dessert without sugar, highly recommended for diabetics, as well as others low in calories, or certain products rich in fiber at breakfast, for those who take more care of their body.

Of course, cases of allergy to GLUTEN (celiacs), LACTOSE, HUEVINA or any other food allergy, has a place and preferential treatment in the Gran Hotel Peñíscola. Our establishment and material is duly adapted, our kitchen staff duly trained, and we are periodically recognized and audited officially by the main associations that bring together this type of allergy sufferers (ACECOVA-FACE, etc.).


From these very moments we want to count on your help and collaboration, so any comment, suggestion or opinion that you want to formulate (preferably during your stay) and that is likely to suppose an improvement in our service every day, will always be welcome.

We leave at your disposal our Restaurant’s drinks menu.

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