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1. The Gran Wellness S.P.A of the Gran Hotel Peñíscola **** (hereinafter GWS) is a center of Relaxation, Relaxation and Health & Beauty, and therefore, in no case, a recreational area.

2. The GWS is a paid service, not included in the basic package of accommodation and diet contracted, and with the following opening hours from 10am to 2pm and 4pm to 8pm, from Monday to Sunday.

3. Access to the GWS Water Circuit for guests staying in a hotel can be done by purchasing a Flat Rate. And for external customers (limited according to the occupation of the establishment) through the acquisition of single tickets or bonuses. In all cases, the price includes the hat and slippers, which will be delivered to customers in the 1st session, and which will be mandatory to access the GWS Water facilities In the event that the client loses or loses them, you can buy new ones, upon payment of them.

4. For health and safety reasons, the use of all our GWS water facilities is restricted to those over 12 years of age. However, the Hotel has enabled a daily Children’s Spa schedule (for children from 4 to 11 years old inclusive), from 10am to 11am in which they can only make use of the heated pool and jacuzzis. Access will always be accompanied by an adult and paying the special price for children, and at the indicated time, or in any other extra shift that may be established and advertised by the establishment.

5. The GWS Water Circuit consists of the following elements:

  • A Heated Pool with Pressure Sewing (depth min 1.10m and maximum 1.47m)
  • Four Jacuzzis
  • A Solarium with Hot Beds
  • A Frigidarium (igloo).
  • A Footbath
  • A Hammam (Turkish Bath)
  • Four Chromatic Showers

Important reminder: The heated pool is NOT independent of the GWS Circuit, but this is one more element of it.

6. The duration of the sessions of the GWS Water Circuit are approx. 50 minutes, with five minutes before and after to go to the locker room. Due to the continued use of the facilities, they will start and end punctually at the on-point times within the operating time interval.

7. The sessions of the Water Circuit delm GWS are limited to a maximum capacity of 60 people. The shift reservation must be made in-situ at the GWS reception upon the arrival of the client, subject to access to the capacity available in each session.

8. The treatments, therapies and massages offered in our GWS are also not included, but are optional and independent services that can be previously contracted by agency or on-site according to availability.

9. Consult at all times with our staff the possible counter-indications of any of the usual or punctual services of the GWS.

10. For reasons of hygiene and health, our staff may prevent access to the facilities of those people who due to medical problems may harm their own health or that of other users in the use of the facilities. The use of the facilities is prohibited to those people who have infectious diseases, open wounds or skin or eye conditions. The client is obliged to declare any type of medical or skin condition that he may have.

11. For reasons of hygiene and health, the GWS must remain at least one hour not accessible to the general public after the morning sessions, to properly clean and sanitize the facilities and waters for the afternoon shift. As a general rule, it will be closed from 14:00 to 16:00.

12. Prohibitions within the premises:

  • Reservation of warm beds or sunbeds.
  • Any type of games, especially dangerous or annoying ones that affect the enjoyment of the facilities in tranquility to other customers.
  • The use of water toys.
  • Access without the mandatory equipment provided (non-slip slippers and bathing cap)
  • Access with glass elements or other sharp or sharp containers, metal or wood.
  • Access to the facilities of any type of animal.

13. All customers are required to:

  • Make mandatory use of slippers and approved bathing cap within the facilities for health and safety.
  • Do not use cream or oils inside the facilities of the wet areas.
  • Shower when leaving the Finnish Sauna or Hammam (Trick bath).
  • Return at the exit the towels and keys to the lockers that would have been assigned to them during the use of the facilities. In case of not returning, the hotel reserves the right to pass on the amount of the same (€ 20 / you) in charge of the client’s extras account.

14. Recommendations and suggestions

  • The GWS Water Circuit has up to 3 possible itineraries within the wetland. Ask our staff for the help sheet, and follow the time recommendations.
  • Try to be punctually at the start time of the agreed session, although for the benefit of all, we recommend you to go five minutes before.
  • It is advisable not to be more than 10 minutes in a row in the Dry Sauna or Turkish Bath.
  • It is advisable not to be more than 15 minutes in a row in the Jacuzzis.
  • It is advisable not to be more than 1 hour at a time inside the heated pool.
  • The use of Sauna and Turkish Bath is discouraged to children under 16 years of age.
  • Water intake is recommended after leaving the wet zone of the GWS to re-hydrate the body.
  • In case of drowning place the drowned in a tilted position with the head down, urgently notify our GWS staff and Emergencies112. The phone at the ticket counter will connect you directly by dialing 0-112

These Rules are established in accordance with the provisions of Article 36 of Chapter IV of Title II of DECREE 255/1994, of December 7, of the Valencian Government, so the hygienic-sanitary and safety standards of swimming pools for collective use and water parks are regulated [94/8991], where it refers: “The internal regime regulations will be stipulated by the owners of the pool, but it will contemplate at least the following rules: The use of the showers will be mandatory before each dive. The entry of animals into the pool enclosure is prohibited. The use of a swimming cap in the indoor pools is mandatory.”

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