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Being such a small town in which also most of the cultural load is outdoors, it was not necessary to create a lot of museum to accommodate the information that relates to the city. The two most important museums that travelers can visit in Peniscola are:

The museum of the sea: the building is very close to the port being most likely a defensive construction of medieval origin. By the eighteenth century was reformed to be converted into artillery barracks and around the year 1912 was used as a school for girls, hence the colloquial name which is called “I sew” (schools). The building would be in deshuso for a few years after the transfer of this school elsewhere. Will the year 1996 when, after a series of restorations and renovations, the building is used as a museum. The main objective of this unique museum is the dissemination and maritime cultural heritage of the city. The museum, though small in size, teaching has three rooms that are divided into historical and archaeological, fish and marine wildlife. Each room has many graphic documents, models, media and an aquarium as the climax in each of them with the most characteristic species of the Mediterranean.

House-museum “La casa del ayer” (House of yesterday): in this case it is a museum rather different in that the main idea is to show as were the houses of the city during the nineteenth century.

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