Excursion to the Mining Park from Peñíscola

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Excursions from Peñíscola

Excursion to the Mining Park from Peñíscola

With this excursion to the Mining Park from Peñíscola, you will discover two hidden treasures.

In this experience departing from Peñíscola, you will enjoy an underground adventure in the Maestrazgo Mining Park and you will discover the charm of the medieval village of Culla.

Interesting facts

Maestrazgo Mining Park

Located in the impressive natural setting of “la Fontanella”, at an altitude of 800 metres, this park offers spectacular panoramic views of the Alt Maestrat region. Immerse yourself in the history of the old underground mining industry as you walk through its galleries and discover how the brave miners who left this incredible legacy lived and worked.

With unparalleled tourist and cultural appeal, this experience takes you on an exciting journey that awakens all your senses.

There are two galleries that can be visited: the old Victoria mines, in the municipality of Culla, and Esperanza, in La Torre d’En Besora.

Both galleries are perfectly suited to the visit, with audiovisual elements and exhibitions that make the experience even more captivating. Each visit is guided by experts who will accompany you through the galleries, providing explanations and making sure you get the most out of this underground adventure.


A charming medieval village set on a hilltop in the province of Castellón. With roots dating back to the Muslim era and a rich history that is intertwined with the Templars and the Order of Santa Maria de Montesa.

Culla awaits you with its cobbled streets and imposing castle. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the church of San Salvador, built in the 18th century on top of an earlier Gothic structure, and immerse yourself in the charm of this village which is part of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Spain.

Culla – Gran Hotel Peñíscola

Excursion to the Mining Park from Peñíscola

We recommend the following activities in Culla

Explore the legacy of the Templars

Immerse yourself in the history of Culla by exploring the remains of the Templar castle and the Torre del Frare Pere. Discover how this military order left its mark on the town and how it influenced its development.

Stroll through the old town

Be captivated by the charm of the narrow streets of the old town of Culla. Admire the traditional architecture and the refurbishment that has brought this historic quarter back to life.

Visit to the Church of San Salvador

Admire the valuable Gothic art inside this church. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Abbey House, the old hospital and the remains of the wall and the prison.

Hiking to the Singlet viewpoint

Enjoy a pleasant walk from the town centre to the Singlet viewpoint. From there, contemplate the impressive panoramic views of Culla and its mountainous surroundings.

Tasting of local gastronomy

Discover the flavours of the typical local cuisine in Culla’s restaurants. Try dishes such as “olla del Maestrat” or “coca celestial”, which will give you a taste of the authentic aromas and flavours of the region.

Enjoy the scenery

Take the opportunity to admire the peculiar geography of Culla, divided between the upper part with stone façades and the lower part with whitewashed walls that evoke the proximity to the Mediterranean. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture some stunning photos.

Visit to the Mining Park

Immerse yourself in the region’s mining history with a visit to the Mining Park. Explore the old mines and discover what life was like for miners in the past. An educational and fascinating experience for the whole family.

More information on the official website of the Maestrazgo Mining Park and on the official website of Culla Tourism.

An unforgettable adventure awaits you!

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