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The 3 Best Beaches of Peñíscola

Today, we present to you the 3 best beaches of Peñíscola, offering you the opportunity to explore these three beaches during your vacation. Do you prefer the comfort of the beach in front of the hotel or the serenity of a cove in the midst of nature? Peñíscola has it all, and the decision is in your hands. You choose the perfect setting for your day under the sun!

1. North Beach: The Best Beach in Peñíscola

The North Beach is considered the jewel among the beaches in Peñíscola and is where the Gran Hotel Peñíscola is located. It spans 5 kilometers and is known for having the highest water quality in Peñíscola, along with its sandy shores. It offers a wide range of services, such as beach chair rentals (in front of the hotel), maritime surveillance, and accessible access for people with reduced mobility. Additionally, it proudly holds the coveted Blue Flag, ensuring safety and quality. This beach is also famous for its breathtaking views of the Papa Luna Castle.

North Beach, Peñíscola

2. South Beach: At the Foot of the Walls

South Beach is located at the foot of the wall, next to the fishing port, making it a cozy beach. It is quite sheltered from marine storms, making it perfect for families with children and for travelers seeking tranquility.

This beach in Peñíscola has a length of 850 meters. Its moderate waters and proximity to the Benicarló – Peñíscola Nautical Station make it perfect for water activities.

South Beach, Peñíscola

3. Pebret Cove or Russo Cove: Hidden Coves in Nature

These two fine sandy coves are located south of Peñíscola within the Sierra de Irta Natural Park and are considered genuine pristine treasures. With approximately 300 meters and less than 100 meters respectively, Pebret Cove and Russo Cove offer a unique experience surrounded by nature, vegetation, and dunes. These two coves are about a half-hour drive from the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, but their natural beauty makes the distance worthwhile.

Pebret Cove, Sierra de Irta

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