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Have you ever wondered what Peñíscola looks like right now?

Stop searching, because our live webcam from the Gran Hotel Peñíscola provides you with the answer visually.

Observe Peñíscola right now, 24 hours a day, through our live webcam. Discover the magic of North Beach in real time, from the sea, the beach and the PapaLuna Castle.

ONLINE WEBCAM from the Gran Hotel Peñíscola **** (turn your mobile device horizontally to obtain the full image. Focus on the North Beach of Peñíscola, awarded with the Blue Flag, from the roof of the hotel.


What is the weather like in Peniscola?

Discover the current weather in Peñíscola with our real-time meteorology section. Get accurate data on temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind speed. Data offered by our Meteorological Station located in the facilities of the Gran Hotel Peñíscola**** (integrated into the AVAMET and METEOCLIMATIC networks).

Webcam and meteorology

Live Peñíscola in Real Time from the Gran Hotel Peñíscola

Wondering what the weather is like in Peñíscola? Do not look any further. Our live webcam from the Gran Hotel Peñíscola provides you with the visual response you need. From the rooftop of our hotel, enjoy a panoramic view of Peñíscola’s award-winning North Beach, recognized with the prestigious Blue Flag, with the Papa Luna Castle in the background.

Experience Peñíscola Now in Real Time

Are you planning your visit to Peñíscola and want to know the current climate? Don’t worry, we are here to offer you real answers.

Observe the beauty of Peñíscola’s North Beach through our webcam in real time. They are not empty promises, they are authentic images that capture the essence of our destiny.

Discover Peñíscola in This Precise Moment

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Peñíscola right now with the Gran Hotel Peñíscola webcam, available 24 hours a day. Observe the waves, sky, beach and landscape in real time.

Peñíscola Meteorological Data in Real Time

Explore the unique Mediterranean climate that embraces Peñíscola all year round. Our Meteorological Station, integrated into the AVAMET and METEOCLIMATIC networks, offers you real-time data directly from the facilities of the Gran Hotel Peñíscola****.

Mediterranean Climate in Peñíscola

Immerse yourself in the rich climate of Peñíscola, characterized by a Mediterranean climate of long summers and mild winters. This favorable environment allows various activities to be carried out throughout the year, turning Peñíscola into a vibrant and welcoming destination in any season.

Average Annual Temperature of 16.5°C

Experience the pleasant average annual temperature of 16.5°C that defines Peñíscola’s exceptional climate. This figure reflects the harmonious combination of warm summer days and cool nights, providing the perfect environment for your moments of relaxation and exploration.

More than 300 Days of Sunshine a Year

In Peñíscola, the sun is a constant guest. With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, enjoying the beach at any time becomes a reality. Peñíscola’s North Beach, awarded the Blue Flag, awaits you with its splendor regardless of the season.

Enjoy Peñíscola All Year Round

With a climate that invites activity and relaxation, Peñíscola is a perfect destination all year round. Whether under the warm rays of the summer sun or contemplating the waves in winter, each day offers a unique experience that you can live through our live webcam.

Book Your Stay Now and Enjoy Peñíscola

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