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San Juan in Gran Hotel Peñiscola

This San Juan stay at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola! The night of 23 June is usually one of the shortest nights of the year, sometimes coinciding with the summer solstice (which in 2023 falls on 21 June), which many cultures and religions have traditionally celebrated over the centuries, honouring the sun, and some of which are still maintained to this day. A good example of this is the bonfires that were lit to give more strength to the star from that date onwards, as its “strength” (the natural hours of light) began its decline, taking us into the dark winters.

In Spain, it so happens that the solstice coincides very close to the traditional Christian celebrations of San Juan, which adopted the solstice bonfires as a purifying element (by burning all the bad things of the past represented in rag dolls) as well as a ritual to attract good luck (by burning the wishes written on paper to come true during the year, and then jumping 3 times over the bonfire). Not forgetting the traditional foot bath in the sea afterwards.

That’s why, at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola we have prepared another year a fantastic special night for you to enjoy to the fullest, full of music, mysticism, entertainment and fireworks. San Juan at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the night of San Juan at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola and book your room now. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Fuegos Artificiales por San Juan desde la azotea del Gran Hotel Peñíscola

Price shown in this accommodation offer (price FROM): Price per night for a standard Family Double Room, for 2 adults +1 or 2 children up to 11 years old (2nd child free), in accommodation only, for a stay of only 2 nights (FRIDAY-SUNDAY). VAT included.