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Gran Hotel Peñíscola - Last Minute Peñiscola – Easter Week

Last Minute Peñiscola – Easter Week

Are you excited about the idea of enjoying an unforgettable beach vacation at the best price? At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we offer Last Minute Deals occasionally so you can enjoy your stay at the most attractive price. Keep reading to learn all the details about this exclusive promotion.

What are Last Minute Deals at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola?

Last Minute Deals are the key to accessing incredible vacations at a more affordable price. They are sporadic opportunities where prices become more accessible so you can travel without compromising your budget.

When can you take advantage of these Deals?

Last Minute Deals are timely and can come at any time of the year.

We recommend that you stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook, Newsletter, and, of course, the website’s blog. In these channels, we will announce the last-minute offers that we publish.

How to Book?

Hurry to book! Last Minute Deals at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola sell out very quickly, so we suggest you book as soon as possible

🌐 Web en granhotelpeniscola.com

☎️ Phone at  964 46 90 06

Why Choose to Travel to Peñíscola Now?

Anytime is a good time to travel and take a spontaneous or last-minute getaway. Peñíscola is the perfect city to visit at any time, with a special charm in every season. Additionally, it is listed among the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain, making it a perfect destination for your last-minute vacation.

Last Minute Offer: Said and Done

If you are one who enjoys spontaneous trips and appreciates the thrill of deciding quickly, you are the perfect person to take advantage of these offers. Your motto is “Said and Done.” We are excited that you choose our hotel to enjoy Peñíscola at the best price.

Book your last-minute vacation in Peñíscola now!

🌐 Make your reservation through the website  www.granhotelpeniscola.com

☎️ If you prefer, you can call the Reservations Department at 964 46 90 06 to formalize the reservation or resolve queries.

Gran Hotel Peñíscola - San Juan in Gran Hotel Peñiscola

San Juan in Gran Hotel Peñiscola

This San Juan stay at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola! The night of June 23rd is usually one of the shortest nights of the year, sometimes coinciding with the summer solstice (which in 2024 falls on June 21st), which numerous cultures and religions have traditionally celebrated over centuries, honoring the Sun, and some of which still continue to our times. A good example of this is the bonfires that were lit to give more strength to the Sun from that date, as its “strength” according to them (the natural hours of light) began its decline, leading us to the dark winters.

San Juan in Peñíscola from €88*

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we have prepared an exclusive offer for you to spend San Juan in Peñíscola at the best price. From €88 per person and day from June 22nd to 24th, 2024, in accommodation only in a Family Room.

Are you up for spending San Juan on the beach? Don’t hesitate anymore! Book now on the website or by phone at 964 46 90 06.


In Spain, it so happens that the solstice coincides very close to the traditional Christian celebrations of San Juan, which adopted the solstice bonfires as a purifying element (by burning all the bad things of the past represented in rag dolls) as well as a ritual to attract good luck (by burning the wishes written on paper to come true during the year, and then jumping 3 times over the bonfire). Not forgetting the traditional foot bath in the sea afterwards.

That’s why, at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola we have prepared another year a fantastic special night for you to enjoy to the fullest, full of music, mysticism, entertainment and fireworks. San Juan at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the night of San Juan at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola and book your room now. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Fireworks for San Juan from the rooftop of the Gran Hotel Peñíscola

Price shown in this Accommodation offer (price FROM): Price per night and person for a Standard Family Double Room, for 2 adults + 1 or 2 children up to 11 years old (2nd child free), in accommodation only, for a 3-night stay (FRIDAY-MONDAY). VAT included

Gran Hotel Peñíscola - Holy Week

Holy Week

Holy Week holidays are the perfect opportunity to escape the routine and enjoy a trip. From the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we recommend that you visit Peñíscola, one of the Most Beautiful Villages in Spain.

From March 24th to March 31st, 2024, we offer you the opportunity to experience a unique week at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola. Enjoy our Family Room from €673 with a 7-night stay for two adults and one child up to 12 years old. Non-refundable rate, accommodation only.

Why Choose the Gran Hotel Peñíscola?

The Gran Hotel Peñíscola is the perfect choice if you want to stay in a hotel that has everything for your vacation: buffet restaurant; spa with water circuit and massage service; animation and entertainment for all ages; shows; outdoor pool with sun loungers; North Beach of Peñíscola in front of the hotel. And much more! We have it all.

Why Choose Peñíscola during Holy Week?

Peñíscola is the perfect destination to travel in Spain during Holy Week because it enjoys a multitude of features that make it unique. Here are two key points about Peñíscola for this time (you can find more information on our blog):

  • The Climate. With an average annual temperature of 16.5ºC, the weather in Peñíscola is simply incomparable. During the Easter holidays, you will enjoy pleasant weather, ideal for strolling along the beach and, for the more adventurous, taking a refreshing dip in the waters of Peñíscola Beach. To check the updated weather forecast for Peñíscola, click here.
  • Activities and Entertainment. Peñíscola offers numerous activities throughout the year for both children and adults. You won’t get bored! Check out this blog post to plan activities before your arrival.

How to Book?

🌐 Make your reservation through the website www.granhotelpeniscola.com

☎️ If you prefer, you can call the Reservations Department at 964 46 90 06 to formalize the reservation or to resolve any queries.

Gran Hotel Peñíscola - March Hotel Offer

March Hotel Offer

Starting from March 1st, we welcome the new 2024 season at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola! We have prepared a series of exciting novelties and tempting discounts, including our irresistible March Hotel Offer. Don’t miss the opportunity to escape and relax on the beautiful coast of Peñíscola!

March Hotel Offer

To celebrate and kick off the 2024 season, we have launched the special March Hotel Offer in Peñíscola that you cannot miss! Enjoy a beach weekend starting from €193.20* for two nights and two adults, valid from March 15th to 17th in the Family Room, accommodation only, non-refundable rate.

Special March Offer
Family Room at Gran Hotel Peñíscola

*Price shown from €193.20 for accommodation only and non-refundable rate.

Extra Services for Your Holidays at Gran Hotel Peñíscola

Not only do we offer an excellent rate for your accommodation, but you can also customize your experience with our additional services:

  • Buffet Restaurant: Add breakfast, half board, or full board options to your reservation (drinks not included).
  • Exclusive Spa in Peñíscola: Relax with a flat rate of €25 (per stay) to enjoy a daily water circuit. Price per person.
  • Wellness Treatments: Enjoy exclusive massage services and body treatments at our spa.
  • Parking in Peñíscola: Avoid parking complications by adding the hotel’s private outdoor or underground parking to your reservation.

Hotel in Peñíscola with No Cancellation Fees

We are committed to your peace of mind and freedom. We offer flexible and semi-flexible rates that allow cancellation free of charge up to 15 or 3 days before arrival at the hotel, giving you the necessary freedom to modify or cancel with total confidence. See the booking conditions of Gran Hotel Peñíscola.

Offer Compatible with Other Promotions at Gran Hotel Peñíscola

The March Hotel Offer is compatible with other offers, promotions, and deals at Gran Hotel Peñíscola, such as:

No-Obligation Quote for Your March Getaway

If you prefer personalized attention, call our reservations department at 964 46 90 06 or send an email to reservas@granhotelpeniscola.com. Get a detailed quote and plan your March getaway with total comfort.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Travel to Peñíscola in March.

Book Now and Guarantee Your Vacation!

Gran Hotel Peñíscola - Advance Bookings Summer 2024

Advance Bookings Summer 2024

The best time to secure your summer 2024 vacation is now! At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we are excited to offer you the exclusive Early Booking Offer for Summer 2024 Vacations. Seize this unique opportunity before demand increases and prices adjust, ensuring an unforgettable holiday at the best hotel in Peñíscola, one of Spain’s most beautiful towns.

Why Book Early?

Booking your summer 2024 vacation in advance has its advantages. In addition to securing your spot in our hotel, you could also benefit from more attractive prices. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and ensure an incredible vacation for you and your family.

Request a No-obligation Quote for Your 2024 Vacation

If you wish to receive a detailed and personalized quote to stay at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, you can call our hotel reservation department at  964 46 90 06  or simply request it via email at reservas@granhotelpeniscola.com . Our team will be delighted to provide you with the information you need to plan your getaway.

Options to Enhance Your Stay

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we not only offer you one of the best accommodations in Peñíscola but also the opportunity to experience a complete holiday experience. Add the following additional services to your summer 2024 early booking!

  • Buffet Restaurant: Choose to book with breakfast, half board, or full board (drinks not included).
  • Exclusive Spa: Relax with a flat rate entry fee per day to the water circuit, an exclusive offer of €25 throughout your stay.
  • Wellness Treatments: Add massage services and body treatments to enjoy an even more indulgent experience.
  • Secure Parking: With outdoor and underground parking options in Peñíscola, secure your spot and avoid worries during your stay.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your experience at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola!

Hotel in Peñíscola with No Cancellation Fees

We offer bookings with flexible and semi-flexible rates, meaning you can cancel without cancellation fees between 15 and 3 days before the arrival date. We want you to have the flexibility you need to plan your trip worry-free. Visit the booking conditions page for more information.

Loyalty Program – Gran Hotel Peñíscola Customers

Are you a Gran Hotel Peñíscola customer? We reward you for your loyalty! Our GHP Loyalty Program offers you a 10% discount on the website’s RRP. Check your inbox for the discount code or call the hotel at 964 46 90 06 to verify your customer status and get your discount.

Book now and ensure an incredible vacation at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola! Discover our Summer 2024 Holiday Bargains and guarantee the best price for your stay.

Gran Hotel Peñíscola - Benicarló 2024 Fallas Program
Actividades del entorno, Events, Family tourism, Tourism

Benicarló 2024 Fallas Program

The Benicarló 2024 Fallas are celebrated from March 2nd to 19th. Benicarló becomes the stage for the long-awaited 2024 Fallas, the streets come alive with the characteristic ninots, the roar of firecrackers and rockets, and the majestic fireworks, creating a unique atmosphere you won’t want to miss.

Learn about the Benicarló Fallas

Immerse yourself in the Falla Experience From March 15th to 19th, the falleros clubs become the epicenter of the celebration, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy delicious local cuisine in a festive and welcoming atmosphere. From traditional meals to lively nighttime barbecues, every moment is an opportunity to experience the authentic essence of the Fallas.

The climax of the festivities arrives on March 19th with the eagerly awaited Cremà in honor of Saint Joseph. On this magical night, the thirteen fallas monuments will illuminate the sky with their burning farewell, leaving the air filled with the emotion and grandeur of the Benicarló 2024 Fallas.

No less impressive is the Mascletà, a sensory explosion that sets the rhythm of the celebrations. With its thunderous booms and flashes, this unique spectacle enriches the fallera experience and leaves a lasting impression on all present.

A Celebration with History and Worldwide Recognition From its humble beginnings in 1974 to its recognition as a Regional Tourist Interest Festival and its inclusion on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2016, the Benicarló Fallas have captivated the hearts of people around the world with their unique charm and rich tradition.

Benicarló 2024 Fallas Program

Don’t miss the highlights of this celebration, such as the thrilling Cridà, the colorful Ninot Parade, and the emblematic Nit de la Cremà. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Benicarló 2024 Fallas and discover why this festival is so special for those who have the privilege of experiencing it.

Discover the Benicarló 2024 Fallas Program by clicking here.

Don’t miss the Fallas!

Experience the Benicarló Fallas like never before! Book your stay at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, enjoy the fallas, and relax at our hotel.

Book your stay now to enjoy the Fallas! We

Make your reservation through the website  www.granhotelpeniscola.com

☎️​ If you prefer, you can call the Reservations Department at  964 46 90 06 to make the reservation or resolve any queries.

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