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8 Tips for Traveling by Bicycle

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we understand the challenges of traveling with your bicycle. We present 8 tips for traveling by bicycle to ensure an unforgettable bicycle trip through Peñíscola.

1. Travel Light: Less is More in Cycle Tourism

Remember, less is more. Traveling only with the essentials will reduce the effort in each pedal stroke. In addition, our hotel offers you access to a small workshop equipped with air pumps, repair kits and basic tools to solve any problem in minutes.

2. Know the Basics of Mechanics: Prevention is Cure

Acquire basic mechanical knowledge to prevent mishaps. At the Gran Hotel, we put at your disposal a space with essential tools, ensuring that your bike is always ready for adventure.

3. Avoid Too Hard Routes: Be Realistic

Know your limits and plan routes according to your ability. In Peñíscola, we offer you two approved cycling routes: Route 08 for beginners and Route 09 for more experienced cyclists.

4. Know the Climatic Conditions

Do not underestimate the importance of knowing the weather. At the Gran Hotel, we provide you with real-time information about the weather in Peñíscola through our weather station. Check the weather here.

5. Share the Passion with Other Cyclists

Cycling is more than an activity; It is a community. At our bike-friendly hotel, connect with other pedal lovers, share stories, exchange tips and make new friends who share your passion for cycling.

6. Stay Hydrated

Make sure you are well fed before, during and after your bike ride. At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we offer the possibility of requesting a picnic to replace your contracted breakfast. Additionally, it is crucial to stay hydrated with water or sports drinks during the trip.

7. Advance Planning

Plan your trip in advance. Divide the stages, use GPS and know the weather conditions. At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we offer you specialized services for cycle tourism to make planning a simple task.

8. Travel Flexibility: Bike Friendly Hotel

Opt for accommodation with the “Bike Friendly” label so that your stay adapts to your needs. At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we understand the needs of cyclists and offer specialized services, from early breakfast options to bike storage spaces, a small workshop and bike washing areas.

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we not only provide accommodation; We offer an exceptional experience for cyclists. Book now and discover why we are the best option to transform your cycling trip into an unforgettable adventure!

We will wait for you!



For the second consecutive year at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola, we celebrate Oktoberfest. Two full weekends (from October 6 to 8 and from October 13 to 15), in which beer will have a prominent place among the activities. But it will not be the only element on which the celebration of the weekends will be based: in reality we want to bring everyone a little closer, through a wide range of activities and settings, to German culture, its gastronomy and its own origins. of this party that was born around beer.

These weekends are aimed especially at adults, although with a wink and alternative activities at all times for children, and also for the youngest who will be able to enjoy the activities of our Funny-Club as normal.

Oktoberfest activities

Some of the activities that those who visit us can enjoy are:

  • Surprise atmosphere in various parts of the hotel.
  • Photocall OktoberFest in our Cafeteria
  • Photocall OktoberFest in our Cafeteria
  • German “Polkas” and “Waltzes” lessons
  • Bavarian/Tyrolean Traditional Costume Parade-Competition
  • Participatory games for adults. Some examples from previous editions: BeerPong, the Pitcher Toss, Food Race, Pistol Duel, or the Dice Race.
  • Participatory games for Teeners & Maxis. Some examples from previous editions: Tin Can Shooting, Balloon Popping, Hoop the Hoop, Mini Basketball Shootout, Test Wheel and Balloon Race.
  • “TanzAbenden” in the evenings, with 2 atmospheres, in which traditional German dances will not be missing.
  • German Theme Corner at our Saturday Dinner Buffet (from 20h00 to 22h30)
  • As a surprise activity we will give an express German course so that our dear players and clients can order as they deserve at this time of the year with the shout: “ICH WILL BIER!

Enjoy our special beer packs that you will find in our bars.

Programming (provisional)

SPECIAL NIGHT PROGRAMMING (so that there is no shortage of fun and entertainment):

Friday 06/10 and 13/10 – Evening – Wear Bavarian or Tyrolean clothing or accessories.

  • ROYAL Room: “TanzAbend” Thematic Night of Music and Dance From 9:30 p.m. to 11:45 p.m.

Saturdays 10/07 and 10/14 Night – Recommended clothing: Come dressed as a Tyrolean or Bavarian.

  • ROYAL Room: “TanzAbend” Thematic Night of Music and Dance From 9:30 p.m. to 11:45 p.m.
  • Only Saturday 10/08: TROPICAL Room (floor -1): PARTY MUSIC with DJ From 10:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
  • Only Saturday 10/15: TROPICAL Room (floor -1): PARTY and CONCERT (to be confirmed) From 10:30 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
PROST !!!!

Price shown in the offer (price FROM): Price per night for a standard Double Family Room, for 2 people, in Accommodation Only, for a minimum stay of 3 nights entering on the date indicated in the offer (Friday). VAT included.

Book now on our website or call us at 964 46 90 06!


Bono Viaje 2024 | Comunidad Valenciana

La Generalitat Valenciana ha anunciado para el próximo año el Bono Viaje 2024 enfocado a incentivar el turismo en temporada baja en nuestra comunidad.

A continuación, se expone toda la información que se ha publicado sobre el Bono Viaje 2024:

¿En qué consiste el Bono Viaje 2024?

El Bono Viaje 2024 es una iniciativa de la Generalitat Valenciana que te brinda la oportunidad de disfrutar de descuentos exclusivos en tu estancia en la Comunidad Valenciana, durante la temporada baja. Tiene el objetivo de incentivar el turismo en la comunidad y apoyar a las empresas turísticas.

¿Cómo solicitar el Bono Viaje 2024?

El periodo de inscripción al Bono Viaje 2024 se abrirá el próximo 2 de enero de 2024.

¿Cuando se puede usar el Bono Viaje Comunidad Valenciana?

Existen dos periodos de disfrute del Bono Viaje 2024:

  • Del 15 de enero al 16 de julio (excluyendo la Semana Santa).
  • Del 16 de septiembre al 22 de diciembre.

*Nota importante. El período en el cual podrás hacer uso del Bono Viaje en el Gran Hotel Peñíscola será desde el 1 de marzo hasta el 4 de noviembre.

¿Cuanto subvenciona el Bono Viaje?

El Bono Viaje 2024 subvenciona un máximo del 50% del coste de la reserva con una cantidad máxima de 350 euros.

¿Quieres que te tramitemos el Bono viaje? Llámanos al 964 469 006 o escríbenos por WhatsApp al 681 100 994 .

Info BonoViajeCV en: https://bonoviajecv23.gva.es/


Room by the hour: sheep by the hour

Book a room by the hour at Gran Hotel Peñíscola!

If that day is on your way to your destination or you are overcome by tiredness, if your body asks you to relax and you decide to deal with stress, if you are not as presentable as you would like for that important meeting in which you have to give an excellent image or if passion has ignited its flame in your being at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola **** we have gone ahead and we offer you our programme Room by the Hour: sheep by the hour.

You can now enjoy a Standard Double Room for up to 2 people, with free wifi in the following options:

  • Room by the hour 12/4 (use of room from 12h to 16h)
  • Room by the hour 17/4 (use of the room from 17h to 21h)

Important facts

Note: No exceptions may be made for use outside the times indicated.

Validity of the Hourly Room Offer: 03 March 2023 to 15 June 2023

Fixed price: 45,00 € per room with a maximum use of 4 hours.

How to Book: The Room by the Hour Offer is booked exclusively by telephone, by calling 964 469 000 or 964 469 006 and is subject to availability.

Pre-payment: Pre-payment is compulsory by means of a link to a payment gateway that you will receive in your email once the reservation has been formalised.

In addition, if you book at least 1 hour in advance, you can add the following extras to your booking (not included in the price per night; you must indicate when booking if you wish to hire any)

Welcome Bottle of Sparkling Wine10,00 €The unit
Entrance to the Wellness SPA Water Circuit26,00 €Price per couple (2 pax.)
Romantic Passion Kit (coming soon)N/DThe unit
Lunch or Dinner Buffet 13,20 €Per person
Underground parking space (during these 4 hours)8,00 €Per vehicle
Prices incl. VAT

Now, save with us and… count sheep. If you want to…

Zona de influencia: Loaclidades del Bajo Maestrazgo/Baix Maestrat: Peñíscola, Benicarló, Vinaroz/Vinaròs; Santa magdalena de Pulpis, Catí, San Mateu


Advance Bookings Summer 2023

Hello summer adventurers, are you ready to enjoy an unforgettable holiday? Well, don’t wait any longer and book now at granhotelpeniscola.com, where you can benefit from the best early booking discounts for the summer season 2023. Yes, you read that right! We have incredible discounts from 10% to 40% applied to our prices.

Don’t miss this opportunity and calculate your budget on our website without obligation or call us directly on +34 964 469 000 so that we can help you plan your getaway. And if you have already enjoyed our hospitality before, don’t forget that you can also benefit from the exclusive advantages of our loyalty programme. Just call +34 964 469 006 for more information.

This promotion is not unlimited, so don’t leave it to the last minute and book as soon as possible. This way, you can guarantee the best available rate for your summer stay, and you won’t have to pay anything even if you don’t want to (except for the non-refundable rate). Moreover, for your peace of mind, you will not have to pay cancellation fees between 7 and 3 days before arrival, depending on the selected rate.

So, what are you waiting for to make an early booking for the summer at Gran Hotel Peñíscola?

Pack your bags and come and enjoy the sun, beach and fun on the Costa del Azahar!


San Juan in Gran Hotel Peñiscola

This San Juan stay at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola! The night of 23 June is usually one of the shortest nights of the year, sometimes coinciding with the summer solstice (which in 2023 falls on 21 June), which many cultures and religions have traditionally celebrated over the centuries, honouring the sun, and some of which are still maintained to this day. A good example of this is the bonfires that were lit to give more strength to the star from that date onwards, as its “strength” (the natural hours of light) began its decline, taking us into the dark winters.

In Spain, it so happens that the solstice coincides very close to the traditional Christian celebrations of San Juan, which adopted the solstice bonfires as a purifying element (by burning all the bad things of the past represented in rag dolls) as well as a ritual to attract good luck (by burning the wishes written on paper to come true during the year, and then jumping 3 times over the bonfire). Not forgetting the traditional foot bath in the sea afterwards.

That’s why, at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola we have prepared another year a fantastic special night for you to enjoy to the fullest, full of music, mysticism, entertainment and fireworks. San Juan at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the night of San Juan at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola and book your room now. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Fuegos Artificiales por San Juan desde la azotea del Gran Hotel Peñíscola

Price shown in this accommodation offer (price FROM): Price per night for a standard Family Double Room, for 2 adults +1 or 2 children up to 11 years old (2nd child free), in accommodation only, for a stay of only 2 nights (FRIDAY-SUNDAY). VAT included.