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Advance Bookings Summer 2024

The best time to secure your summer 2024 vacation is now! At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we are excited to offer you the exclusive Early Booking Offer for Summer 2024 Vacations. Seize this unique opportunity before demand increases and prices adjust, ensuring an unforgettable holiday at the best hotel in Peñíscola, one of Spain’s most beautiful towns.

Why Book Early?

Booking your summer 2024 vacation in advance has its advantages. In addition to securing your spot in our hotel, you could also benefit from more attractive prices. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and ensure an incredible vacation for you and your family.

Request a No-obligation Quote for Your 2024 Vacation

If you wish to receive a detailed and personalized quote to stay at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, you can call our hotel reservation department at  964 46 90 06  or simply request it via email at reservas@granhotelpeniscola.com . Our team will be delighted to provide you with the information you need to plan your getaway.

Options to Enhance Your Stay

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we not only offer you one of the best accommodations in Peñíscola but also the opportunity to experience a complete holiday experience. Add the following additional services to your summer 2024 early booking!

  • Buffet Restaurant: Choose to book with breakfast, half board, or full board (drinks not included).
  • Exclusive Spa: Relax with a flat rate entry fee per day to the water circuit, an exclusive offer of €25 throughout your stay.
  • Wellness Treatments: Add massage services and body treatments to enjoy an even more indulgent experience.
  • Secure Parking: With outdoor and underground parking options in Peñíscola, secure your spot and avoid worries during your stay.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your experience at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola!

Hotel in Peñíscola with No Cancellation Fees

We offer bookings with flexible and semi-flexible rates, meaning you can cancel without cancellation fees between 15 and 3 days before the arrival date. We want you to have the flexibility you need to plan your trip worry-free. Visit the booking conditions page for more information.

Loyalty Program – Gran Hotel Peñíscola Customers

Are you a Gran Hotel Peñíscola customer? We reward you for your loyalty! Our GHP Loyalty Program offers you a 10% discount on the website’s RRP. Check your inbox for the discount code or call the hotel at 964 46 90 06 to verify your customer status and get your discount.

Book now and ensure an incredible vacation at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola! Discover our Summer 2024 Holiday Bargains and guarantee the best price for your stay.


Valencian Community Travel Voucher

The Generalitat Valenciana has announced for 2024 the launch of the 2024 Travel Voucher program in our community. The 2024 Travel Voucher is aimed at encouraging tourism during the low season in our community.

Below is all the information that has been published about the 2024 Travel Voucher:

What is the 2024 Travel Voucher?

The 2024 Travel Voucher is an initiative of the Generalitat Valenciana that provides you with the opportunity to enjoy exclusive discounts on your stay in the Valencian Community during the low season. The objective of the Travel Voucher is to encourage domestic demand for tourist services provided in the Valencian Community, during periods of seasonality, by residents of the Valencian Community.

How to apply for the 2024 Travel Voucher?

The registration period for the 2024 Travel Voucher opened on January 2, 2024.

The application process for the 2024 Travel Voucher consists of two phases:

  1. Appointment scheduling.
  2. Registration completion (electronic signature and electronic certificate required).

When can the Valencian Community Travel Voucher be used?

There are two periods for enjoying the 2024 Travel Voucher:

  • From January 16 to June 3 (except from March 21 to April 7).
  • From October 15 to December 22.

*Important note: The period in which you can use the Travel Voucher at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola will be from March 1 to June 3, and in the second period from October 15 to November 2, 2024 (except from March 21 to April 7).

How much does the Travel Voucher subsidize?

The 2024 Travel Voucher subsidizes up to 50% of the cost of the reservation with a maximum amount of 350 euros for stays of 3 nights.

Do you want to book with the Travel Voucher?

Call us 964 469 006 or write to us via WhatsApp at 681 100 994 for more information on how to make a reservation at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola with the 2024 Valencian Community Travel Voucher.

Info BonoViajeCV : https://bonoviajecv24.gva.es/


Crazy Sundays

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we offer Last Minute Deals such as Crazy Sundays during the summer. These hotel offers in Peñíscola are perfect for enjoying a beach vacation at the best price, with up to 40% off! Keep reading to find out about the Last Minute Offer.

What are Crazy Sundays at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola?

The Low-Cost Sundays or Crazy Sundays are magical days when we publish Last-Minute Offers at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola where prices plummet. With discounts of up to 40%

Although Sunday stays are usually more affordable, we select those Crazy Sundays when prices become irresistible, offering you the opportunity to enjoy a vacation in Peñíscola at the best price during the summer.

When can you take advantage of this last-minute offer?

The excitement lies in the surprise. Stay tuned to our social media news (Instagram y Facebook), a la Newsletter y and blog to find out when the next Crazy Sunday will arrive in 2024.

This last-minute offer can arrive at our hotel at any time. Yes indeed! It will always be during the high season (from June 20th to August 25th). Crazy Sundays can happen at any moment, and when you least expect it, so stay informed to not miss the opportunity to come at the best price!

Last-Minute Deals at the Grand Hotel Peñíscola

Stay tuned to our social media channels for Instagram y Facebook, In the newsletter and in our blog’s offers section to find out about the last-minute deals at the hotel in Peñíscola. We want you to be able to enjoy an extraordinary vacation with Crazy Sunday at an unbeatable price at the Grand Hotel Peñíscola.

Book your vacation in Peñíscola now! We guarantee the best price..

🌐 Make your reservation through the website www.granhotelpeniscola.com

☎️ If you prefer, you can call the Reservations Department at 964 46 90 06 to formalize your reservation or to address any inquiries


Children Free at Gran Hotel Peñíscola

At Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we offer the Children Free promotion throughout the year, designed for families with one child, two children, or large families. Look no further, Gran Hotel Peñíscola is your perfect choice for a dream family vacation.

Below, we invite you to read the details of the Children Free promotion at Gran Hotel Peñíscola:

– Children Free Hotel Offer All Year Round –

From March 1 to June 20 and from August 25 to November 2

During this period, the first child stays completely free. Additionally, the second child only pays 50% of the rate. It’s the best Children Hotel Offer in Peñíscola!

From June 21 to August 24

In the High Season at Gran Hotel Peñíscola, the first child only pays 50% of the rate, while the second child enjoys their stay completely free.

– Large Families –

Additionally, at Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we support large families with a special discount for the third child. Throughout the year, the third child only pays 50% of the rate, combining perfectly with the two options of free children according to the dates.

Moreover, if you are part of a large family associated with an entity affiliated with the FEFN (Spanish Federation of Large Families), you’ll be thrilled to know that you have a 12% discount on the online price. Check the Large Families Offer at Gran Hotel Peñíscola.

– Babies Stay Free –

Children under 2 years old are considered babies and enjoy free stays throughout the year at Gran Hotel Peñíscola. Please note that the crib is not included, but we offer the option to rent it for your convenience. In our hotel, we strive to make every stage of childhood part of unforgettable family experiences.

– Conditions of the Free Kids Deal –

The Free Kids Deal in Peñíscola applies to children under 12 years old (from 2 to 11 years old, both included) sharing a room with two adults. Children under 2 years old are considered babies and stay free throughout the year (crib not included, but rental option available).

– Compatibility with Other Offers at Gran Hotel Peñíscola –

The Free Kids Deal at Gran Hotel Peñíscola is fully compatible with other exclusive hotel offers and discounts. In addition to enjoying the benefits of the Free Kids Deal, you can take advantage of the incredible Repeat Guest Discount (if you have already had the pleasure of staying at our hotel in the past).

– Customized Budget-

If you would like detailed information about the Free Kids Deal and to plan an unforgettable vacation for the whole family, we recommend contacting our Reservations Department by calling 964 46 90 06. Our team will be happy to provide personalized attention, answer your questions about the offer, and provide a budget tailored to your needs. Additionally, if you prefer, you can explore our homepage to search and instantly discover the price of exceptional family vacations.

More information on Traveling with Kids in Peñíscola

Kids Entertainment with Entertaining Activities

At Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we have an extensive entertainment program throughout the year designed for the little ones. Additionally, when the school period ends and family vacations begin, we expand the entertainment program so that children can have even more fun during their family vacations in Peñíscola.

Funny Club

The Funny Club is the ideal space for our youngest guests, with facilities specially designed and themed for their total enjoyment. Its operation is closely linked to school vacation periods.

What to Do in Peñíscola with Kids?

Peñíscola is a perfect family-friendly tourist destination. With its stunning old town, golden sandy beaches, and crystal-clear waters, it offers a variety of activities for all ages. If you want to know what to do in Peñíscola with kids, click here.

Quality Seals in Family Tourism

We have the main quality seals in family tourism, such as: Tour and Kids, Children Friendly, and Family Tourism, endorsing our commitment to offering the best vacation experiences focused on families.

Turismo Familiar

At Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we are proud to have the prestigious Sello de Turismo Familiar, a distinction endorsed by the Federación Española de Familias Numerosas (FEFN).

This seal represents an endorsement certifying our exceptional dedication to meeting the specific needs of families during their travels. By obtaining this recognition, we demonstrate our commitment to excellence in the attention and services we provide, ensuring families a unique experience tailored to their requirements.

Tour & Kids

This badge is the Family Tourism product of the Valencian Community created by the Association of Family Tourism of the Valencian Community, which works with “the aim of promoting and encouraging family tourism by creating a quality and competitive offer that benefits users, companies, and associated destinations.” At Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we are pleased to have this brand.

Children Friendly

Finally, we have also been awarded the prestigious Children Friendly badge. This prominent organization worldwide awards this recognition to accommodations that demonstrate extraordinary adaptability to welcome families with children. Obtaining this badge not only implies recognition of our facilities, services, and safety but also reflects our commitment to attention and respect towards families and the environment.


Hourly Room Offer

At Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we understand that life sometimes surprises you with unexpected moments or the need for a well-deserved rest. That’s why we present our exclusive Hourly Room Offer in Peñíscola, Castellón.

Details of the Hourly Room Offer

Available Options:

  • Hourly room 12/4: Enjoy the room from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
  • Hourly room 17/4: Relax in the room from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Important Information:

  • The specified times are strict.
  • Offer valid from March 1, 2024, to June 13, 2024.

Fixed Price:

Price of €45.00 per room, with a maximum use of 4 hours.

How to Book?

The Hourly Room offer is managed exclusively by phone, by calling 964 469 006. It is subject to availability at the time.

Advance Payment

Advance payment is required via the payment gateway link that you will receive by email once the reservation is made by phone.

Extras Available

Make your reservation at least 1 hour in advance and personalize the experience with our extras (not included in the price; indicate your preferences when booking)

Welcome Bottle of Sparkling Wine10,00 €The unit
Entrance to the Wellness SPA Water Circuit26,00 €Price per couple (2 pax.)
Romantic Passion Kit (coming soon)N/DThe unit
Lunch or Dinner Buffet 13,20 €Per person
Underground parking space (during these 4 hours)8,00 €Per vehicle
Prices incl. VAT

Now, save with us and… count sheep. If you want to…

Book a room by the hour at Gran Hotel Peñíscola!

☎️ Call now at 964 46 90 06 to book this offer.

Coverage Area: Locations in the Bajo Maestrazgo/Baix Maestrat: Peñíscola, Benicarló, Vinaroz/Vinaròs; Santa Magdalena de Pulpis, Catí, San Mateu


San Juan in Gran Hotel Peñiscola

This San Juan stay at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola! The night of June 23rd is usually one of the shortest nights of the year, sometimes coinciding with the summer solstice (which in 2024 falls on June 21st), which numerous cultures and religions have traditionally celebrated over centuries, honoring the Sun, and some of which still continue to our times. A good example of this is the bonfires that were lit to give more strength to the Sun from that date, as its “strength” according to them (the natural hours of light) began its decline, leading us to the dark winters.

San Juan in Peñíscola from €88*

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we have prepared an exclusive offer for you to spend San Juan in Peñíscola at the best price. From €88 per person and day from June 22nd to 24th, 2024, in accommodation only in a Family Room.

Are you up for spending San Juan on the beach? Don’t hesitate anymore! Book now on the website or by phone at 964 46 90 06.


In Spain, it so happens that the solstice coincides very close to the traditional Christian celebrations of San Juan, which adopted the solstice bonfires as a purifying element (by burning all the bad things of the past represented in rag dolls) as well as a ritual to attract good luck (by burning the wishes written on paper to come true during the year, and then jumping 3 times over the bonfire). Not forgetting the traditional foot bath in the sea afterwards.

That’s why, at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola we have prepared another year a fantastic special night for you to enjoy to the fullest, full of music, mysticism, entertainment and fireworks. San Juan at the Gran Hotel Peñiscola.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the night of San Juan at the Gran Hotel Peñíscola and book your room now. We are waiting for you with open arms!

Fireworks for San Juan from the rooftop of the Gran Hotel Peñíscola

Price shown in this Accommodation offer (price FROM): Price per night and person for a Standard Family Double Room, for 2 adults + 1 or 2 children up to 11 years old (2nd child free), in accommodation only, for a 3-night stay (FRIDAY-MONDAY). VAT included

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