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Important cities and towns around or near Peñíscola

Being located near the regions of Lower Ebro and Maestrazgo, Peñíscola is an area that has many nearby places to visit as these border regions would provide a variety of landscapes and environments. It has many small towns around which give a very special character to this region.

This is the case for example of Morella. A small town in the province of Castellón about a thousand meters above sea level. As Peniscola, Morella city has a large well-preserved medieval atmosphere with its walls and an imposing castle, both still standing and in good condition. Only a distance of 60 kilometers separate Peñíscola small and cozy this medieval enclave which seamlessly blend past and present.

Visitors can wander through its narrow medieval streets reminiscent to enjoy the emblematic buildings such as the Basilica de Nuestra Señora la Mayor, one of the buildings in the Gothic style lift Valencia’s most important, or the Royal Convent of San Francisco (where is now the Parador Nacional de Turismo). But tourists can now enjoy the atmosphere that permeates the city to enjoy its cuisine, its gardens and its inhabitants.

It is also the case Benassal. A cozy little town about 70 miles from Peñíscola that, despite its small size, has two major population centers: the well-preserved old city center, where the narrow streets retain the original layout of the city, and the hot spring d’En Seguere whose high mineral content waters were declared of public use due to the healing properties by the year 1928. These two foci have population Benassal miss the ideal resting place for those looking to unwind from the city and interact in a more closely with nature.

Another city near you might be interested Peñíscola visitors is La Vall d’Uixó. It is famous for its huge caves, colloquially dubbed with the name of San Jose routes. These features caves, unique paradigm throughout the Levante area, have the particularity to be navigable due to its enormous size. Once they enter, the visitor is transported to a beautiful new underground world full of color and a fantastic atmosphere in which the stalactites and stalagmites that are showing in their eyes will make this wonder of nature is an experience virtually unforgettable.

But if you really want is the visitor in contact with nature directly and in a unique environment throughout the Spanish territory should visit the Delta del Ebro water in this superb natural landscape located about 50 kilometers from the Peñíscola city we also find a passageway for migratory birds that finished configuring one of the most beautiful ecosystems of the western Mediterranean area, with the vast and wet rice fields extending to the innermost zone of the Delta.

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