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In ancient seafaring tradition and wealth Peñíscola their coastal fishing grounds is culinary wisdom.

For people in Peniscola, seafood has always been a precious gift, that is why it has developed an exquisite sensitivity to the cooking time, appearing sober in his flavoring, always seeking to expose the natural aromas and flavors of a weight of extraordinary quality.

They are essential in the kitchen of Peniscola the "All-i-Pebre" of "Rap" (Rape) or "Polpet" (octopus), the "peix suquet" or "remesclo" as well as shellfish, prawns, "caragols punxents "(Cañadillas), mussels," Caixeta ", crayfish, ...

The different varieties rice, such as Paella and "fideuá" are integral to the cuisine of this land.

All this wealth fish and seafood, you can enjoy it today thanks to a booming hospitality sector, which has joined the local cuisine and sophisticated new recipes to match the most demanding palates.

Enjoy the delicious Golden, sea bass and turbot in salt, to the back or in the oven, the exquisite lobster or Columbretes Islands Lobster paella.

And of course, taste native varieties of seafood lightly steamed or grilled.

E.g., 25/09/2021
E.g., 25/09/2021
Gastronomy | Gran Hotel Peñiscola


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