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Crazy Sundays

Not only are our Sundays not all the same, but they don’t even resemble each other at all during our high season. Or maybe they do?

They are all really just that, Sunday LoCo’s (Low Cost Sundays).

A very different and economical way to enjoy a night in a hotel with one of the best prices in high season. And of course, enjoying all our associated complementary services.

Why not give yourself a little treat at an extra-reduced price, even if it’s in high season (Father’s Day, Easter, May Bank Holiday, or Summer)? Maybe it will be your best 24h investment….

Price shown in the offer (price FROM): Price per night for a standard Double Family Room, for 2 people, in Room Only Accommodation, for a minimum stay of 1 night entering on the date indicated in the offer (Sunday). VAT included. In case of additional discount by promotional code, this will be shown exclusively from step 2 of the booking/budget.