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Cyclists' Paradise

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we are proud to be Bike Friendly and we position ourselves as the perfect accommodation choice for cyclists in Peñíscola.

Immerse yourself in a unique experience with your bicycle, taking advantage of our specialized and exclusive services for cyclists.

Bicycle Storage
Workshop Space
Wash zone
Inflation Pump
Cycle Tour Routes
Clothes washer and dryer
Bike Friendly SERVICES
Specialized services

✅ Rest with complete peace of mind! Your bicycle will be safe in our exclusive bicycle storage space (locked). Or if you prefer, we give you the option of bringing the bicycle to the room and sleep with the peace of mind of having it nearby!

✅ Let’s Roll Without Worries! Our workshop is fully equipped for emergencies, with an inflation pump and repair kits.

✅ Breakfast for Early Birds: For those who get up early, we offer flexible breakfast hours (on demand). We also offer the option of changing the contracted breakfast for a delicious takeaway picnic.

✅ Cleaning: After your route, we guarantee that your bike and jersey are impeccable. We have a special space with a hose to clean your bicycle. In addition, we have washing machines and dryers so you can wash your clothes and have them ready for the next day.

✅ Relaxation and Well-being: After a day of cycling, the perfect reward is to immerse yourself in the SPA water circuit and complement it with a massage offered by our hotel’s expert physiotherapists.

Mechanical services
Bicycle Rental
Shipping Management
Bike Friendly SERVICES
External services

✅ Bicycle Rental: Whether for road or mountain, manual or semi-electric bicycles. In addition, they have chair rentals for children, ensuring that the whole family can join in the fun.

✅ Delivery Service: Simplify your experience by requesting delivery to the hotel of your cycling sports equipment purchased at local stores.

✅ Personalized Routes Tailored to You: Choose from a wide catalog of personalized cycling routes.

✅ Bicycle Shipping Logistics: Delegate the management of shipping your bicycle and luggage, freeing you from the burden and ensuring a hassle-free travel experience.

✅ Medical-health services: It has professional medical-health services, such as physiotherapists, to ensure your well-being.

*Additional services external to the hotel and available on request.

Meeting Room Available
Massage Room Available
Team Sports Menus
Outdoor Parking
Exclusive Services

✅ Meeting Room: We provide a meeting room to plan your strategies before embarking on the route.

✅ Massage Room: We exclusively provide the massage room for the medical-health team, guaranteeing the comprehensive well-being of your team.

✅ Team Sports Menus: We adapt or complement our menus to meet the specific nutritional needs of your team.

✅ Parking in the Exterior Parking: Parking for up to 8 professional vehicles (bus-home, command post, truck-workshop, etc.) with the option of connection to our drinking water network and power outlets (at 220-240V and 380V) .

*Exclusive services for teams and professionals, services at no additional charge and on demand.


The Castellón Provincial Tourism Board has consolidated its commitment to promoting cycle tourism by giving shape to the Castellón Cycling Product Club. This initiative, supported by the board, is positioned as a fundamental pillar to satisfy the demands of the numerous cyclists and cycle tourists who already explore our province and those who are about to do so.

The central objective of Castellón Cycling is to promote the development of cycle tourism in the province of Castellón. This will be achieved by strengthening the cycle tourism product, consolidating our region as a reference cycle tourism destination, and promoting the quality, competitiveness and professionalization of tourism companies linked to cycling.

Gran Hotel Peñíscola is proud to be part of this initiative as one of the collaborators of Castellón Cycling, we share the vision of offering high quality cycling experiences, highlighting the beauty of our province and contributing to the sustainable growth of tourism. So, by choosing the Gran Hotel Peñíscola for your getaway, you are joining a cycling experience backed by the commitment of Castellón Cycling.


Discover the cycling routes of Peñíscola, each one with its own intensity! Do you dare to challenge the expert level route?

Download now and get ready for the epic cycling adventure you've been waiting for!


Difficulty level: Initiation - Distance: 13.90Km - Elevation difference 141m - Peak: 20 m


Difficulty level: Expert - Distance: 155.90 km - Elevation difference 2048m - Peak: 1.062 m

from the Gran Hotel Peñíscola

Route 1

Highway 120 km.

Route 2

BTT 39 Km

Route 3

Highway 65 km

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8 Tips for Traveling by Bicycle

At the Gran Hotel Peñíscola, we understand the challenges of traveling with your bicycle. […]

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