Children & young people


We realize that our customers not only escojen our establishment by the destination or location, but also for the complementary offer of tours we offer. First, we want our guests feel at home during your stay and can finish making use of each of our leisure facilities and relaxation.
So, for over 12 years, our Wellness Center SPA becomes the main attraction of the establishment (see Section HEALTH & BEAUTY).
During the day, and depending on the dates you will always find one or more of our leaders to devise and implement activities for all ages, either morning or evening, whether indoor, swimming pool (depending on the weather) , beach or tourist train excursions or marches.
Another key part is the evening entertainment, where every night and throughout the season, enjoy our Cafeteria good live music and dance with our musician-entertainer Caesar.
Back in high season, we expanded our offer night with the presentation of shows and professional shows on our outdoor stage next to the terrace of our Bar-Club Tropical. On weekends and summer, we delay the closing time of our Tropical Bar for more revelers.
For younger we wanted to focus their entertainment through our kids club Funny-Club (found at the bottom of this document all information), with pampered and cared for facilities specially adapted and acclimated to the full enjoyment of the children. Its operation is closely linked to the school holiday period, so in low season, it only works on weekends, from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning, every day that make up the bridges, and in summer from June 15 to 15 September.
Similarly, the most idle will also enjoy the season of our corners and roundabouts arcade and mini-playground.
In the post-it side will find the schedule specifies the activities for each season.
Animación en el Gran Hotel Peñiscola
Funny-Club del Gran Hotel Peñíscola
E.g., 27/10/2021
E.g., 27/10/2021