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Advance Bookings Summer 2023

Hello summer adventurers, are you ready to enjoy an unforgettable holiday? Well, don’t wait […]

Aerial sports

Activity centers that are located in the Sierra de Irta also offer activities for […]

Land sports

Having the proximity of the Sierra de Irta, visitors can make lots of outdoor […]

Water sports

As an area with strong maritime tradition is not surprising that we find lots […]

Sports that can be done

For its excellent location and its idyllic temperatures, Peniscola has a wide range of […]

Maritime route

This third and final route offers a third way to know the city, in […]

Monumental route

This route also has significant cultural and historical load but in this case focuses […]

Art-historical path

This particular route will allow you to stroll through the city enjoying its history […]

Peñíscola’s tourist routes

There are several preset tourist routes that visitors can do during your stay in […]


Being such a small town in which also most of the cultural load is […]

Activities that can be performed

As mentioned previously, the range of tourist and leisure activities that can be performed […]

Important cities and towns around or near Peñíscola

Being located near the regions of Lower Ebro and Maestrazgo, Peñíscola is an area […]